Exercise (SHAPE) Test

Sub-Maximal heart & Pulmonary Evaluation (SHAPE) Test


The Exercise (SHAPE) Test is a straightforward, six-minute on-site test that's user-friendly and simple to understand.

Using the SHAPE Test, medical professionals can gain insights into the causes of breathlessness during exertion and difficulty in tolerating exercise. It also aids in making informed decisions about the medical treatment of heart failure and other patients with breathing difficulties.

The outcomes from SHAPE are verified, easy to decipher, and consistent. This tool is ideal for consecutive evaluations, enabling doctors to monitor a patient's development over a period.

The SHAPE Test is also gentle for patients. Reliable results are achieved through low-impact, incremental, or constant testing methods. The procedure ensures minimal strain on the patient, allowing them to complete the test comfortably. Even those at higher risk can undergo the test with minimal unease.

It measures the intake of oxygen and the expulsion of carbon dioxide. This mirrors the efficiency of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and blood in maintaining oxygen supply and carbon dioxide elimination, both vital for our everyday tasks and well-being.

Using SHAPE, one can ascertain if a patient's limitations stem from a lack of physical conditioning rather than issues with their heart and lungs. If someone possesses a healthy cardiopulmonary system, the only shortness of breath they might encounter would be during intense physical activity.

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